The Huffington Post reported this morning that the insurance industry is already starting to sidestep and outsmart the recently passed health care reform bills.  Read the article here.  And people wondered why this bill had to be so long.  Health insurance is complicated and thus it takes a thousand pages or more to plug the holes.  Unfortunatly, I'm not sure it was long enough.  I guess well have to see.  You know, when Canada passed their health care reform, it came to a total of 7 pages.  It was also much more straight forward though, health care for all.  Isn't it sad that we couldn't have just said that?

Well, for those of you who answered yes to that last question, Ryan Grim on Democracy Now! gave us a glimmer of hope with some interesting details about the push for a public option.  Watch and read here.  A USA Today poll finds 52% of Americans still want a public option, despite the issues they may have with the current bill (read about it here).  We are the only developed nation in the world that does not make sure it's people have access to a doctor in a way that will not break their economic backs. Have a good day.



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