Forgiveness is quite an amazing thing.

I'm pretty excited that the white house finally approved the examination and dissection of those extra-terrestrial bodies found in that "space car" behind a Virginian 7 Eleven.  The American people deserve to know just what they were doing with all those kidneys.  Whether they were to be used for renewable fuels, that beverage they need to survive, or for fashion (we've seen their bank records!), Obama can't keep THIS ONE under wraps.  I'll keep you up to date as the results are released.


Is anyone buying this?
Scare-tactics prey on the fearful and naive.
Hitler and Marx are associated with hate and I don't see that sentiment coming from the left, though it is emanating from somewhere...
The Tea Baggers will ruin conservatism. 


My mind has been turned to the nation I call home much more so than I can ever remember the past few weeks.  Well, more so than any other time without a dramatic reminder of my freedoms and affection (such as 911).  I really am very grateful to be a part of the great experiment in democracy.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness affect me on a daily basis.  These basic ideas that our nation is founded upon seem to ring true with humanity.  We all want our lives to have value and be recognized as such under the law.  We all want the chance to worship how we please, make our own decisions and be our own bosses in essence.  The Malcolm in the Middle theme song comes to mind right about now, ha.  From an LDS view point, these ideas fall in line with what we can derive from the scriptures.  Our chance to choose is given too us.  For right or ruin, that choice is sacred and how forever happy am I to have a similarly governed.  Everyone deserves that right.  No matter what they do or don't believe, no matter who or how they love.  If I want my choices, then I don't see why someone else shouldn't have there's. 

I don't fully understand my freedoms.  Very few of us do.  I hope to keep growing that understanding but in the mean time I think empathy is our partner in this journey.  Another's shoes is a powerful place to be.  I also know that I am not always right, but that too is an area I am trying to work on.  It is very liberating to accept the fact that I am flawed, along with the rest of the world, and my mistakes are part of the same pool that everyone contributes to.  That's why there is a Christ.  Our perfect teacher with immeasurable patients. 

I had a comparative American lit class a few years ago and my teacher brought up an earlier draft of the Declaration of Independence.  I have always found the differences about the slave issue interesting.  The following links are to the rough draft and final version:

This blog is my own and thus flawed like me.  I apologize if my writings ever offend but I too am learning.  Grappling with the issues is how we are bettered, not grappling with each other.  Thank you for being a part of my lessons. 

Love- Jake

The other night I was running with my wife and asked her if she knew what Adidas means, being that I have a pair of them that I like to run in.  Well, it stands for "all day I dream about soccer".  Of course she did not believe me so I had to prove it but it got me thinking about soccer in my life.  I by no means dream about soccer all day long but my life has been quite affected by the game.  I grew up playing it.  There was always a game going during recess and I was on a rec team for years.  In fact, playing and training for soccer was how I got into running. 

The World cup combined with my Latin America classes this summer and my attempt to get back in shape has brought back a flood of memories concerning the sport.  I can see why the world loves the sport.  It's fun.  Anyway, just thought I'd share.  Soccer is great and deserves it's world-wide affection.


PS Interesting article about the name soccer here.