The other night I was running with my wife and asked her if she knew what Adidas means, being that I have a pair of them that I like to run in.  Well, it stands for "all day I dream about soccer".  Of course she did not believe me so I had to prove it but it got me thinking about soccer in my life.  I by no means dream about soccer all day long but my life has been quite affected by the game.  I grew up playing it.  There was always a game going during recess and I was on a rec team for years.  In fact, playing and training for soccer was how I got into running. 

The World cup combined with my Latin America classes this summer and my attempt to get back in shape has brought back a flood of memories concerning the sport.  I can see why the world loves the sport.  It's fun.  Anyway, just thought I'd share.  Soccer is great and deserves it's world-wide affection.


PS Interesting article about the name soccer here.


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