So I have been doing a final paper about Torture in Central America for a Spanish class this summer.  My teacher pointed me towards the School of the Americas.  Basically, it was (and is but under a different name) a military school ran by the US that has been accused of teaching methods leading to human rights violations.  According to Wikipedia page, there are some pretty high profile people that can be called products of the school.  I found a great site at which publicizes a lot of the allegations surrounding the school.  Pretty interesting stuff.



Lee Rials said...

Jake, why not go to the source? I'll be glad to show you around WHINSEC (School of the Americas was closed down by Pres. Clinton in 2000), and you can make up your own mind about us. If that isn't available to you right now, look up our web site: and write to me from the contact page. Sincerely, Lee Rials, WHINSEC Public Affairs Officer

A Sweater Friend said...

Thanks Lee! I actually turned in my paper already but your human rights pages on the site was very informative. Thanks for sharing that, it's always wise to take a glance from both sides.

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