I have almost done this a few times before but today my outrage has come to a head.
This is my political blog.
I have other things that I post on the internet but I feel as though I need to separate my thoughts from the events of my marriage and the endeavors of my band.  Thus, this blog is born.

The other day while driving to work I was talking with my wife on the phone about the Tea Party movement and all the racial and hateful things that have been said since the health care reform bill made its way to the our President's desk.  I said "this really isn't America, hate is not America" to which my wife replied, "honey it is, our past is full of hate and dissent".  I was taken back by this idea but had nothing to say but "you are right".  Open any accurate US history text book and you will see the story of hate in our nation and throughout the world.  As I have pondered this though, I have come to a little different conclusion, which it that our country is not simple a story of hate but of the greatness that is to overcome that hate.

The spitting, the hurtful chants, the lawsuits wasting our tax money, this is not going to help anyone.  In our unalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", I do not see how any American could enjoy these these while living subject to an entire business that makes money off giving the sick as little treatment as they can get away with.  There is something wrong from a capitalist point of view in paying for goods and services that are not received but that is what the insurance companies are doing.  We all pay in a pool but when we need it, when we have cancer or a child born with a birth defect,  the word denied has come up way to often.  Our biggest bed side worries in a moment of trauma or disease should not be how we are going to pay for this.  Our lives, liberty and happiness will be greatly helped by this health care bill.  Ask anyone who has ever felt the strain of medical bills and they will tell you that.



Lina Buchanan said...

Okay WEIRD, I did this today too!

I'm excited to read your thoughts!!

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